Human-Centered Programming Languages

edited by Rose Bohrer

1st edition

This book is designed as a flexible textbook for teaching about programming languages through the different kinds of people that study them, and through an interdisciplinary approach. Its largest audience is upper-level undergraduates in computing majors, but is intended to have something for everyone from newcomers to experts

Chapter 1


Chapter 2

What is a Language?

Chapter 3

Programming in Rust

Chapter 4

Regular Expressions

Chapter 5

Context-Free Grammars

Chapter 6

Parsing Expression Grammars

Chapter 7

Abstract Syntax Trees and Interpreters

Chapter 8

Operational Semantics

Chapter 9


Chapter 10

Users and Designers

Chapter 11

Quantitative Methods & Surveys

Chapter 12

Qualitative Studies

Chapter 13


Chapter 14


Chapter 15

Media Programming

Chapter 16


by Rose Bohrer

Chapter 17

Natural Language

Chapter 18


Chapter 19

Process Calculus

Chapter 20

Cost Semantics


More Instructor Materials



Everything cited


Common words and where they are


Find where words occur


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Rose Bohrer (2024). Human-Centered Programming Languages. …, retrieved 5/24/2024.

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This edition of HCPL is a living document. It is not a mere work-in-progress but is subject to substantial change as the work evolves.